Daryl D. PYLE - Animator


Daryl D. Pyle has animated on just about everything the studio has produced over the past few years. Daryl first came to work at Perennial Pictures in 1995. He started in the Ink & Paint Dept as a photo copier and cel painter. He then moved over to the Camera Dept and operated the Richardson-Bowlds RB-300 animation stand throughout several productions. Daryl evolved into an Assistant Animator and then in 1998, he became an Animator. In 2006, HANDYCAT marked Daryl’s first venture into Flash Animation.

Daryl animated a large portion of the HANDYCAT scenes traditionally and then imported the art into Flash to be completed.

Daryl D. Pyle's film credits include the following Perennial Pictures productions.
Crawford's Corner...(Animator)
Baby Songs ...(Animator)
Witches In Stitches...(Animator)
The First Easter Egg. .(Assistant Animator)
The Ugly Duckling's Christmas Wish ...(Animation Camera)

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