ADAM DYKSTRA - Actor /Animator / Alumnus


Adam Dykstra was Perennial Pictures Film Corporation's second employee. Adam came to work for the studio in 1985. Fresh out of high school, he started as an assistant animator and then quickly demonstrated exceptional skill as an animator as well as an actor. By 1987, he was serving the studio in both capacities. In 1989, Adam started his own business, and then in 1991 he moved to the West Coast to animate on "The Tom and Jerry Movie" for Film Roman Studios. The second Hollywood studio Adam went to work for was Walt Disney Pictures where he is now one of their sought-after lead animators. A hard worker and gifted artist, Adam is an inspiration to many young animator/filmmakers. Adam's latest work can be seen in Disney's current releases.

Adam Dykstra's film credits include the following Perennial Pictures productions.
Jingle Bell Rap ..(Animator)
Aliens Next Door ..(Animator) (Animation Camera)
Mirthworm's On Stage...(Actor) (Animator)
The Three Fishketeers...(Story) .(Actor). (Animator)

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